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Interested in volunteering your time and talents but unsure where to start?

Volunteer Connections is here to help!

Search the Volunteer Connections database to find a volunteer opportunity that will:

  • fit your schedule
  • put your skills to good use
  • be in your community of choice
  • allow you to build new skills
  • allow you to gain valuable experience

At Volunteer Connections you can build a profile that specifies what you are looking for in a volunteer opportunity. Once entered, the profile is matched with available agency listings and you receive a list of matching opportunities. Entering the profile also allows you to be notified by email any time a new volunteer opportunity is entered that matches your criteria.

Volunteer Connections is the link that you need to volunteer in Niagara so get started, create your profile and begin your search today!

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Attention Agencies
Click here to add a new Volunteer Opportunity to the Volunteer Connection Database.

For more information on volunteering, please click the SPARK Ontario image to Find Your Spark!

Visit Volunteer Canada to learn more about volunteering and why it is a good thing for you and for your community! http://volunteer.ca


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