Interpreters Niagara/Hamilton

The Service

Interpreters Niagara Hamilton provides interpretation services to reduce language barriers between service providers and their clients in the Region of Niagara and the City of Hamilton.

Our role is to allow service providers working in a social service setting and their clients to communicate accurately and confidentially with each other through skilled, trained interpreters.

Interpretation Service is available for:

  • Individual or group counselling settings
  • Domestic violence shelters, domestic violence court preparation, crown attorney meetings
  • Police
  • Appointments with housing, social assistance
  • Legal appointments
  • Hospitals (including sexual assault units)
  • Medical appointments
  • Schools for parent teacher meetings
  • Health, community, family services
  • Government services

Type of Service:

  • On-site interviews (face-to-face): Interpreters will go to the location where the appointment is to take place.
  • Message relays: Brief messages relayed to your client, such as appointment reminders, instructions, etc.
  • Telephone (three-way conference call)


If your client is a victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, or human trafficking, funding from the Government of Ontario will cover the cost of interpreter services. If your client does not fall into the criteria, interpreter fees will be charged to the organization that requests the interpreter service.

To Book an Interpreter, click on “Request an Interpreter”

Do You Need More Information?

Call 905-682-1900, Ext 218 or email:

Once the assignment has been scheduled, we will call you back to confirm interpreter availability. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

*24 hours cancellation notice is required.

en Français

en Français


en Français

In English


Interpretation available in:

Albanian,  Amharic, Arabic,  Bulgarian,  Cantonese,  Croatian,  Czech,  Dari, Farsi/Persian,  French,  Greek,  Hindi, Hungarian,  Italian,  Japanese,  Korean,  Kurdish-Sorani,  Mandarin,  Polish,  Portuguese,  Punjabi,  Russian,  Serbian,  Slovak,  Somali,  Spanish,  Tagalog, Turkish,  Ukranian, Urdu,  Vietnamese and American Sign Language (ASL).

Additional languages available upon request.

Special funding available for people who are victims of domestic violence, sexual violence or human trafficking.

Request an Interpreter

Demander les services d’un interprète

Become an Interpreter

J’aimerais devenir un interprète




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