Donation of Goods Portal

Niagara Regional staff identified a need in our community and we have found a solution –  INCommunities’ Donation of Goods Portal.

Throughout the year, agencies in our communities support individuals and families who are in need. This support can be anything from clothing and food, to books and toys, and much, much more! During the holiday season, this need is greatly increased and donations of food for holiday meals and family gift baskets are appreciated.

This portal will provide agencies with an on-line spot to post their needs.

Individuals, businesses or groups wanting to donate items, can search the Donation of Goods Portal to view these donation opportunities. They will be able to search by Donation Categories, by keyword or by organization name. Specific directions on how to donate are provided in each opportunity.

If you are an Agency with a donation need, complete the form here to Submit a New Donation Opportunity!

If you are an Individual, Business or Group wanting to Donate Goods, search for Donation Opportunities now!






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